Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paper crane for Tsunami victims in Japan.

Last GT 3(general training) was awesome.Hey Aiesec..what’s up! that’s roll call for Aiesec member well-known as Aiesecer. GT 3 is about I and the world. as usual there was simulation game. the simulation game was about think one project related to world sustainability. our group chose to present about animal creulty.our project title FAITH (friend of animal in the heart). guess who was the presenter? was me.ketar kepala lutut tak yah cakap la beb.have to present in front of the people who are thousand ways better than u.most of the Aiesecers are really double thumbs up lah in english,charismatic,high confidence but tak syok sendiri and all the positive waves go to them lah. thru this simulation game they gave me a chance to build up my confidence level and improve my english level. eventhough they know that my english is very poor or poorer i can say but they believe in me.put some trust and respect on i feel  my confidence  up 10% than before.10% yesterday.10% today.10% tommorow. later i will accumulate 100% of self confidence.awesome! hell great yeah!haha.what i can say is i got impressed by everyone in the Aiesec. i seeing different people with different idea and thinking that can make i change the way i thinking. u’re still lacking in many ways that before this u think u’re really good at. move on and make a change Orie!

ok.lari tajuk nak citer masa GT tu ada special guest dari Jepun ex Aiesecer. Mr Taro Saito.kelakar habes Mr nih.penat gelak.He said ‘Aiesec gives us a lot of opportunities of meeting special friends,business skills(leadership), worldwide thinking, and extra things drinking(i can’t drink because i’m muslim ),singing and dancing. yes.dancing is necessary in Aiesec.hehe. masa GT ni jugak lah every member kena wat paper crane for Tsunami victims in Japan. aku blur at the first place.why paper crane? not money? kita kan biasa kalo ada bencana je keje nak derma duit etc right? so aku tak tanya direct. nanti nampak sangat aku ni tatau balik aku google. jumpa ni.  

“A Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds 1,000 original cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as the well being or life of a person.” 

“People gathering at Ikoi No Kai in Southeast Portland are pitching in to make paper cranes to support the tsunami victims in Japan.”  further reading click here.

That is Aiesec. very care about other culture. money is not everything kan.dengan sekeping kertas(paper crane) pun kita da boleh memberikan mereka semangat untuk kembali meneruskan kehidupan meraka.          




ni Mr Taro Saito. dia bagi satu kertas mengenai apa yang dia nk cakap malam tu.sebab dia kata kalo tak tulis

nnt kitorang tak faham sebab dialek english dia sangat ke-jepun-an.hehe.


1st paper crane dalam hidup aku.sebelum ni memang tak pernah buat pun. paper crane ni akan sampai jepun tau.Mr Taro bawak balik jepun nanti.


notakakitangan: kalo korang berminat nak wat paper crane banyakbanyak buatlah.pastu passing kat aku.nanti aku passing kat orang berkenan yang urus benda ni kat Aiesec.nanti korangnya paper crane pon boleh sampai jepun bersama wish korang.hehe.

notakakitangan:english aku sangat teruk kan? tgh usaha membaiki english aku.thank for Aisecer friends.they help me a lot.=)


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