Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are back.

Actually dah #gilalamasangatamat kami tidak bergambar bertiga begini. And it such a bless for me.

It’s getting better and me really hope it last forever. Hope that too no more nonsense things will

interrupt our relationship as we’re more mature to handle such things now.22 dah kot. Ameen.

Thanks to Twilight Breaking Dawn. Eh? haha.

And for Bella u’re soo lucky and selfish at the same time.

Gila ramai kot yang sanggup berkoraban nyawa untuk anda dan u’re selfish enough to let them die

for u. Eeee.





notakakitangan: Makin hari makin tinggi. Thanks to wedges. Aha!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Which stages are we?

How i wish you have superpower so that u can read my heart line by line.
The line by line i only wrote for u to read that i unable to write them in words.
Read it understand it and u will definitely understand me, my ego, my act.
And how i wish u stop believing that u have the superpower because u don’t!

notakakitangan: Kecamuk!
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