Monday, June 21, 2010

lucky i'm in love with my best fren??

Change of Heart - Visitor's Poem

by Jassy Asuncion-Gonzales
(Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines)

I made a promise not so long ago
That I will take care of you
I promised to be your friend
Till the world comes to an end

We made good music together
Perfect harmony with each other
I'm like the lyrics and you are the melody
Of this beautiful song's story

You are my best friend and you know that
I'll be with you and there's no doubt
But something happened deep inside
I can't continue to be at your side

Of how many times I have asked myself
Why I had a change of heart
I've tried harder to resist this feeling
But I end up doing nothing

Was it my fault to fall in love
To a guy who lives in my heart
Is it wrong to love a friend
And still keep him till the end

I wish I hadn't a change of heart
Because now we are torn apart
I should have not let my feelings out
Because now I have a broken heart...

World cup's  fans..
because of this feeling we're apart..u n me..bagai irama dan lagu suatu masa dulu..dan kita berjanji persahabatan ini akan kekal abadi..tpi ia tercemar oleh satu perasaan aneh yang wujud dlm diri masing2..dan untuk menjaga keharmonian hubungan "best fren" kita rela melepaskan perasaan itu..tpi mampukah kita???


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